My friends organized a Chill Barbecue Party

Finally a chill and relaxed party in the south. The loud music and late nights are getting tiring it is a good thing they organized this. Singe it is all about grilling and barbecues and food recipes, I'm planning to bring my camcorder and post the video of the event here.

Experimental Dumpling Soup Recipe

Cooking with Harry

Harry Santos
Why did I start a blog about cooking?

I decided to start this blog about cooking. Entirely, I love eating more. And it is this love for eating that has encouraged me to experiment with cooking. Aside from taste and satisfaction, in cooking, I also see artistry and culture. For instance, a lot of our native and local recipes can really tell a lot about our heritage and identity as a nation and the same goes with foreign cuisine.

There have been some instances when I wrote about cooking in the past such as my Recipe for Lamb Chops. In my Hubpages blog you will also see that I've written a lot about fast food deliveries and even unusual and unique cuisines from the Philippines like Gotong Batangas or Tapsilog Recipe.

But as you can see, I figured it is about time that I dedicate one blog where I will be writing and telling stories about my cooking and the places I eat. I hope that you enjoy coming to this blog. My cooking and recipes are very experimental and unique and most probably even something you would consider unusual. Join me in my culinary adventures and explorations!