North Park and Pho Hoa in Alabang Town Center

After hanging out with a bunch of friends in TJ's last night in Westgate Alabang, we decided to go to North Park after a talking about the beef tendon soup/noodles thing they had.

North Park Beef Tendon Noodles

I got the regular beef tendon noodles for 158 and ordered extra rice. Their rice was a bit expensive at 40 pesos per cup but it was really worth it. What I do is I get all the beef tendon and eat it with my rice and with their chili oil and I eat my noodles and soup on the side. It's really quite affordable and filling when you think about it. They even make you choose what kind of noodles you want.

It feels very unhealthy but my friend pointed out that tendon isn't half as bad as fat and is actually good for you according to some studies. Maybe I should write about my position/thoughts on health paradigms when I get the chance.

Pho Hoa

Then just a while ago I ate some takeout beef pho from Pho Hoa, just beside North Park. I do love Vietnamese food. There's just really something so natural and fresh about pho. It feels very healthy and at the same time very yummy. I do love the leaves you put and of course the sriracha sauce.

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