Ron Paul's Wife's Cookbook

Ron Paul has been married to his wife for 55 years. It won't be a surprise if his wife's cooking has something to do with that. In the books below are some of the recipes his wife, Carol, has been sharing to their family and friends. 

Amazon links to Ron Paul's Wife's Cookbooks

It's not really a big surprise that the 2012 and the 2009 publications are out of stock in Amazon. Ron Paul supporters tend to be overly supportive and enthusiastic. Of course, buying the book has always had some sort of contribution to the cause of liberty as well. Also, Ron Paul remains pretty strong and very sharp up to now regardless of his age and I'm sure that his diet has something to do with it as well. This makes me very intrigued about what kind of recipes can be found in these cookbooks.

I'm not even an American citizen and I'm like halfway around the world and yet I've been a Ron Paul supporter since the 2008 US presidential elections (see Ron Paul Supporters are All Over the World). Since then I've learned so much more about libertarian political philosophy. I figured that since I have a food blog, I should promote Ron Paul's wife's cookbook here.

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I've actually been getting a lot more views over at that blog and since I do earn a humble amount from blogging, I tend to see revenue as indicators of where I should focus more. It's true that more revenue from a blog means more readers. I guess this shows that I'm somehow doing something right in that blog.