I Cooked Pork Sinigang

Cooking the classic sinigang na baboy or pork sinigang isn't really much of a challenge especially since there's a readily available sinigang mix and you don't really have to prepare it from scratch.

So one of the secrets really is how tender your meat is. I actually boiled pork ribs in moderate heat for several hours. Ribs have a lot of dark meat which can really be so yummy if made tender.

I added salt, the sinigang mix, tomatoes, onions, and radish. 

Then, I added the greens, particularly kangkong and green peppers or chilis (siling panigang). I personally like my sinigang on the spicy side.

Finally, I added the sili cooked in my sinigang to fish sauce (patis) for a really ultimate sauce that will harmonize with the sour broth and the tender meat.

It's actually really good, what I prepared. There's actually some leftovers on the fridge that I'm looking forward to eating in a while.

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Perfect Music for Eating and Cooking

Since it was raining and much colder than usual, I decided to cook outside (we have a gas stove outside and the electric stove inside). I thought about listening to London in the Rain by Variety Lab (lounge-ish music is perfect for cooking and eating, in my opinion) but decided to just play the whole playlist of Hotel Costes Volume 4 so I could continue listening when it was time to eat what I cooked.

Yup, an hour long of music perfect for cooking and eating. The music can really change your mood while cooking and it's important to point out that one's mood is an important ingredient that can make or break a dish. I guess I just really wanted to share this because it really made me feel great while cooking (plus the rain of course!).

There's actually so much to blog about that's long overdue. I've been exposed to so many lovely dishes and recipes that are really worth mentioning in this blog. Soon, maybe. For now, I just share some chill and steady tunes. :)

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Grilled Tuna — Why I like Tuna Panga (jaw) more than Tuna Belly

A few days ago, I got a chance to hang out in Tiendesitas after my friend's game in Pasig. It's really such a fun place full of cheap deals on random things and a variety of good food. At first, I wanted to eat Bagnet but then I saw the grilled tuna place and realized I haven't had it in so long and of course it's so much healthier. I used to eat this all the time during my internship in the SM right beside the bus station place in Ayala and I actually missed it so I decided to have some again.

For 149 pesos, Davao Tuna Grill offers you a big chunk of Tuna Panga, a side dish of green mangoes with bagoong, and, of course, everyone's all-time favorite libreng sabaw!

Most people think that belly is better (it's actually the same price) but personally I prefer the panga. I think most people think they like the belly because of their experience with eating bangus and I would agree that the fatty part of the belly is so yummy. It's just that the jaw comes with this really rich dark meat that's somewhat surrounded by this jelly-like substance (I'm assuming it's similar to the tendon in beefs because the panga is very near the bone). It's really crazy and I can't even explain it in words. And just when you think your portion is out, you can just turn it over for more! This order can probably serve two people (if you're not like me who's always hungry for more).

There was one misunderstanding though, because I wanted my tuna to be very rare and yet they served it quite well-done. The problem is they store their fish, in my experience at least, alreay half-grilled, I think, making my request an impossibility. Hey, I can't complain cause it is fast food after all. 

The one in Makati also served this weird fishy barbecue sauce of some sort. They must have forgotten to give me some because I was seated so far that they actually had to send a guy with me to bring the food so that they'll know where to get the soup bowl I used.

That drink on the red cup is this fruit shake called "summer detox" by the way. How fitting. It's this ice cold fruit shake concoction of mango, orange, and peaches or something like that (I'm not really sure but it was really good!). It was so perfect with my grilled tuna and the burning hot summer afternoon (there's no air-conditioning in Tiendesitas).

I think the only conclusion I can gather from all of this is that canned tuna is a joke. I mean, it does the job but I don't think it could ever be deserving of being called tuna.

I apologize once again for the photo quality. I'm actually just using Instagram on my phone to store memories of the food I eat. I know this blog could be so much better if I can only use my prime lenses since I know many prefer looking at food over reading about it.

Anyway, I want to go to Davao to eat tuna. Tara!