Our Calamansi Tree

I remember when this tree was very small and now it's way taller than me. Many times, this is where we get our calamansi, something that Anthony Bourdain referred to as ubiquitous to the Philippine cuisine. So it's really very useful to have our own calamansi tree.

calamnsi tree
Our Calamansi Tree

Growing your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs make a lot of sense. This has a lot to do with the concept of sustainability. We also have a sili (chili) plant. And they're not that hard to grow, I am assuming. We don't really bother buying complex fertilizers or minerals for the soil. Just watering it from time to time is fine. And during the rainy season, you don't even have to do anything.

One day I want to have my own garden complete with my favorite herbs, spices, and vegetables (fruits too, but I think they're too big for a home garden).

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