Mercato in the Fort

After a fun night out with your friends in the Fort, it's perfect to go food tripping in Mercato food bazaar.

It was actually my first time there and I felt like a kid entering a huge toy store not knowing where to go first or what to buy with the money I had. And I guess that's one of the main problems of such a competitive market such as this food bazaar: you won't be able to try everything in just one night and you'll miss out on so much unless you come back for more.

The prices aren't as attractive as the food they are selling though. Surely the rent in this place is very high because so many things are overpriced, in my opinion. I ended up spending 25 pesos for a stick of isaw which on the streets would only be around 5 pesos each. I'd have to say that having around 200 pesos or higher would be perfect for a good food trip night here in Mercato in the Fort.

Food places that open until late (or 24 hours) are always a the best and now what more if it's a bazaar with competing stalls! Those who are indecisive will surely be tortured in this place and bombarded with seemingly unlimited choices. Several suggestions from friends that I have to try when I go back there would be the Japanese hotdog, the Angus kebab and many others.

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