I Got Interviewed About Alcohol and here are My Answers

1. Do you drink? How often?

Yes, very often.

2. What do you drink (beer, hard drinks, cocktails, liquor, wine, rum, gin, etc.)?

Beer is my favorite but i'd usually drink anything (except those that taste like mouthwash).

3. What do you look for in a drink? What should it have/do?

Depends on the drink:

With wine I like it red, the dry and earthy type. And yung parang may heat sa aroma (I can't really explain well because I'm not really so knowledgable with wines but I do have personal preferences)

Nowadays I like Belgian beers (Stella Artois/Hoegaarden). There's just something so different with the way they brew their beers but of course I still absolutely love our own local Pale Pilsen (it's really much of an acquired taste that's hard to explain).

With cocktails/mixes, I'm usually partial to those that are creamy or with coconut flavor. I'm not so fond of the ones with a lot of sugar/syrup as from what I've heard it may add to your hangover (I used to love rum coke but not anymore cos of this)

With whisky, I prefer Bourbon over Scotch, again very qualitative type of acquired taste that's hard to explain (parang mas "mapakla" ang scotch). And scotch tends to make me do things I'll regret the next day more than the bourbon.

But at the end of it all, as long as I'm with good company and chillout place, I'd drink anything. :)

4. What would make you go for this certain drink instead of the other?

Price/budget, quality, type of inuman i'm going to or people I'm going to be with.

5.What makes a drink sexy/cool/fun?

Have you seen the "From Where You'd Rather Be" Ad of Corona?! Damn! That's what makes a drink sexy/cool/fun! It's so chill. I'm not even a big fan of Corona before but this Ad changed my mind. So I guess brand identity would be a big factor. here's the vid:

6. Have you tried lambanog? What's your take on that?

I went on a Laguna road trip before and bought some lambanog when we passed Pagsanjan. It even had santol on the bottom, very intriguing, very strong. Tried it shots lang and no other way. I hate the brand "Orgy". I just don't like the flavors they have. There's a thrill about getting the real thing from like the locals and just knowing it's real and authentic local lambanog. It adds a travel aspect to it. I guess it's similar to the Corona Ad I was talking about in the previous question.

This is form a real interview from a student who needed people to answer for an advertising class :)

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