Beef Tapa Recipe - Harry's Tips in cooking the all-time favorite tapsilog recipe

For the past few days, I've had nothing left to cook here at the house except for beef tapa. And so with my growing experience with this dish, I also learn more about it and eventually learn better ways of cooking and serving it. And so here are some of my tips in cooking the Filipino's all-time favorite breakfast meal.

tapsilog recipe

Let me begin by saying that I absolutely love eating tapsilog. It's all I've been cooking and eating here at home because there's not really anything else as of now. And so in my experience of cooking it over and over, I learned some new things about it and thought of sharing these learnings with the people who visit this blog.

I found the beef tapa already marinated for a few days in the refrigerator with the typical ingredients in the Tapsilog Recipe. So my tips, will really be more of in the cooking rather than the mixture in the marinade or recipe.

The first real thing I did to innovate the already marinated beef in the fridge is to cut them into really small pieces. I realized that cooking them whole would sometimes result in hard and chewy meat. Cutting them into really small pieces would make the meat tender and crispy. So no matter how crappy the meat you got, cutting them into really small pieces would really enhance your tapsilog eating experience.

fried egg

With the egg, I prefer to sprinkle it with rock salt rather than iodized salt. I've realized that rock salt can add a more distinct flavor as compared to its iodized rival and can really bring out a good mixture of tastes when mixed with fried egg. The ideal would always be to cook the egg sunny side up and the technique here, as I have learned, would be to just let the egg be and not really mess with it until it is cooked. This will allow for a better shaped egg that is perfectly sunny side up.

Many times, I would prefer to fry in butter. But for this instance, I decided to fry with my favorite kind of cooking oil--canola oil. Canola oil, in my opinon, can really give your dish a very appetizing aroma as compared to other oils. Plus, it is most definitely healthier. I really do love frying with canola oil.

beef tapa

As I have said, I cut the meats into really small strips. I use kitchen scissors to make the task easier. You can even decide to slice them up even more and create sort of like beef shreds and cook it as beef tapa flakes.

What I learned about frying beef tapa is that you will know when you are done cooking when the frying sound is minimal. When what you are frying becomes more quiet then it is a sign that you are almost done. You can just allow it to fry for a bit more if you prefer your beef tapa strips to be really well-done and crispy.


And so here is the finished product that I cooked and ate a while ago. Don't forget to serve it with maanghang na suka (spiced vinegar). Mmm sounds yummy.

I hope you enjoyed and learned something new from my tips in cooking tapsilog. Come back again soon for more recipes and ideas from your hungry friend. :)

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