Magnum Ice Cream and The Emperor's New Clothes

I don't think I'm in any position to write about Selecta's Magnum ice cream. I haven't tried it (although I want to) and I'm not really much of a sweets or desserts person. It's just that I've been seeing it wherever I go. It's trending both online and in real life. The fact that it's trending, I'm sure many would want to know my take on it.

magnum ice cream philippines
Selecta Magnum Ice Cream Philippines

My friend says that it's much like Häagen-Dazs (which I wouldn't know either cause I haven't really tried that out either). I guess it's always a good thing when our products are globally competitive. I mean, we can surely import this if that is the case. And we should always patronize our very own local products if they truly are satisfying and if the price is right. This helps create jobs here and improves our economy.

emperor's new clothes book cover
The Emperor's New Clothes

You gotta give credit to the marketing of this product. I mean, we don't really know if it's trending solely because it went viral on its own or because it's really planned. Like its scarcity for instance: how do we know they're not just hoarding or holding out on production to make it seem like there is scarcity and high demand. How do we know we're not patronizing blindly?

Let's never forget the lessons from The Emperor's New Clothes of what propaganda and marketing can do. If the emperor is naked, we must stand up and not be afraid to speak out. We can't just always jump on the bandwagon for if this is the case then it'll only distort market indicators, create a bubble that will eventually burst, and inevitably make our economy worse.

But that's just me, you know. Me and my weird love for paranoid conspiracy theories of connecting things that almost have no connections. It's undeniable that I am quite convincing at times. I don't know. It's just ice cream. I'm tired and weary. I'm sleepless.

It's good I got some pancit canton from this nearby sari-sari store on my way home. It's surely comfort food. But that Magnum ice cream thing, where do I get it? I heard it's like 50 pesos or something like that? What do you think of it?

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