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I met Mikey Bustos during Blogapalooza and Ramon Bautista during the Google SoLoMo conference. During both events, both social media influencers were asked regarding their discretion with working with brands and both answered that they really protect their online integrity and credibility by working only with brands they believe in. Netizens are particular about authenticity. When they search for reviews or recommendations, they want it to be real and not just a paid advertisement.

Ramon gives Christmas tip to get the "Simbang Gababes" using Hungry Juan

Having met them, we decided to send them our holiday season platter that showcased several products in our menu. I was the one who delivered it to them personally. Their sentiments were very positive and they even shared photos of our products on social media. I've talked to agencies who have briefed me on the costings of making influencers share your brand on social media and so for these guys to do it for free shows that there's really something inherently compelling about Hungry Juan products.

Mikey Bustos loves inviting guests over to share Hungry Juan with

For those of you who are not familiar with the brand, just imagine classic Filipino favorites: sisig, barbecue, roast chicken, even isaw (grilled chicken intestines), and many more! We actually launched a new product very recently that we're very excited about: really yummy 24-piece cut fried chicken we call Juanitos Pritos and the Team Kramer kids loved it:

"Thanks #HungryJuan for our fiesta dinner! Have to say, the BBQ, Roast chicken and especially the fried chicken was super good!" says Cheska Garcia (who is unbelievably beautiful, by the way) on their Facebook page.

Much like the influencers above, I value my integrity and credibility as a blogger as well. I even manage a politics and policy analysis blog (see HarryLeaks) which goes to show how important integrity and credibility is for me. And you know what, I really believe in our products and I'm most especially excited for the changes we have in store for the coming year. And I'm not just saying that because I work for the brand.

I feel that Hungry Juan is underrated and it's a shame because the products are really yummy. I personally love the barbecue and the isaw (you guys know I love street food). And all Hungry Juan products are made with Magnolia chicken and Monterey meats. The premium is in this guarantee by brands that our families have trusted for many years.

Try it for yourself and you too will see why Hungry Juan is worth sharing. Like our Facebook page below to see our menu and follow us on Instagram and Twitter for updates:


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