Omakase Menu - American Dream and Unidon

I have discussed in my previous blog post about Omakase how I'm not so fond of fusions and modern innovations and use of deep-fried ingredients in maki/sushi. So when I was in Omakase again for a dinner, I figured I have to make the most of it and order one that is a fusion and one that is classic and authentic.

omakase american dream
American Dream

American Dream is a deep-fried maki made with salmon with cream cheese. It does make a lot of sense. Anything with salmon and cream cheese is good so what more if you make a maki from those ingredients and then make it deep-fried. It's around 200 or 300 pesos, if I remember correctly. I'm not entirely sure though (sorry if I'm not really helpful haha). It's one of their bestsellers so it's surely a must-try.

omakase unidon

And then something super simple and classic: my absolute favorite Uni (sea urchin) on top of a bowl of sushi rice. I can't even describe in words how pleasurable and sensual this meal is. It's around 300 as well. I'm not even sure if this is something you can consider authentically Japanese. When I was Mindoro, a fisherman explained to me that the locals there have been eating raw sea urchin for a very long time. I guess what makes it very Japanese is the sushi rice, the kikoman, the wasabi, the seaweed wrapper strips and the other random garnishes restaurants put that make such a harmonious and balanced taste.

I want uni right now.

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