The Crispy Pata Philosophy

I went to the gym the other day. I actually worked out longer than I'd usually do. And of course, to reward this anomaly and render my workout almost completely useless: I eat crispy pata the next day.

Crispy Pata: if this is a vice then I wish no virtue.

The vegetarian health buff will argue: crispy pata is bad for your health. You will regret it in the future when your arteries are clogged and you get hypertension. Many aspects of your health is, first and foremost, determined by lifestyle and personal responsibility. You should eat a salad instead.

The vegan PETA member will argue: pigs have feelings too. You have no right to slaughter them just to eat them. There are other means of nourishment like leaves and carrots and whatnot.

The pinko will have a humanitarian argument: "crispy pata is excess," he/she will say, "so many people in the world are starving while you indulge on this gluttonous act of eating crispy pata."

Some religions will forbid you. If you ask them why they'll say it's cause their book says so.

Is it really a race on who lives longer? Is it all about quantity and not quality? Hmm, I don't really care. They can all say what they want. To each his own

For me, crispy pata is a form of art, a culinary art to be specific. These "unhealthy" or "immoral" dishes does take skill and talent to prepare. It's magical how tender the meat on the inside can be and yet the skin so crispy. Just thinking about the crunchy skin makes me hungry for more again. It does make me feel bad for those who argue against it or those whose opinion criticizes my liberty to eat crispy pata whenever I want.

I do not force them to change their minds. I am merely stating an opinion, a recommendation based on my own personal preference. Hedonistic and selfish, I plead among those seemingly more "noble" than me. Again, I say, if crispy pata is a vice then I wish no virtue.

Haha, forgive my senseless banter. I am writing for the sake of writing; for the sake of updating and having content. I do get paid for blogging, if you'd recall. Getting paid to lie around and eat crispy pata is not bad at all. :)

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