Mona Lisa's Dear Darla

I just got home and found pizza from Mona Lisa (that fancy restaurant here in Alabang that's above Yellow Cab and Army Navy.

When I opened it, I noticed it's exactly like the Dear Darla concept of Yellow Cab. I can assume that Yellow Cab isn't the innovator of that concept, also because Mona Lisa's tagline is "authentic Italian cuisine", and perhaps this kind of technique of wrapping some herbs in pizza is old only I'm not as "cultured" as you guys so I've tasted it for the first time in Yellow Cab.

I am partial to Yellow Cab's Dear Darla (maybe Yellow Cab's chili oil and flakes play a big part about it). Also, Mona Lisa's tasted healthier as compared to Yellow Cab's lovely greasy pizza taste.

I realized that 10 inch pizzas are too small when I realized that I can finish one whole order of Dear Darla pizza only to myself.

I've never been to Mona Lisa. I don't know the price differences and most definitely the other stuff they offer. But with this product I'm just gonna have to say I like Yellow Cab's better. That's personal preference. There is no objective standard for what rolled pizza with herbs should be like. All I have is an opinion. To each his own.

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