I Cooked Pork Sinigang

Cooking the classic sinigang na baboy or pork sinigang isn't really much of a challenge especially since there's a readily available sinigang mix and you don't really have to prepare it from scratch.

So one of the secrets really is how tender your meat is. I actually boiled pork ribs in moderate heat for several hours. Ribs have a lot of dark meat which can really be so yummy if made tender.

I added salt, the sinigang mix, tomatoes, onions, and radish. 

Then, I added the greens, particularly kangkong and green peppers or chilis (siling panigang). I personally like my sinigang on the spicy side.

Finally, I added the sili cooked in my sinigang to fish sauce (patis) for a really ultimate sauce that will harmonize with the sour broth and the tender meat.

It's actually really good, what I prepared. There's actually some leftovers on the fridge that I'm looking forward to eating in a while.

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