Perfect Music for Eating and Cooking

Since it was raining and much colder than usual, I decided to cook outside (we have a gas stove outside and the electric stove inside). I thought about listening to London in the Rain by Variety Lab (lounge-ish music is perfect for cooking and eating, in my opinion) but decided to just play the whole playlist of Hotel Costes Volume 4 so I could continue listening when it was time to eat what I cooked.

Yup, an hour long of music perfect for cooking and eating. The music can really change your mood while cooking and it's important to point out that one's mood is an important ingredient that can make or break a dish. I guess I just really wanted to share this because it really made me feel great while cooking (plus the rain of course!).

There's actually so much to blog about that's long overdue. I've been exposed to so many lovely dishes and recipes that are really worth mentioning in this blog. Soon, maybe. For now, I just share some chill and steady tunes. :)

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