Poco Deli in Kapitolyo, Pasig

Aside from my office mates vouching for this place, I recently found out that your president Noynoy Aquino frequently dines in this place: Poco Deli in Kapitlyo (near Charlie's Burgers). This surely makes it worth the try (not that I give any bearing to PNoy's culinary preferences).

Poco Deli in Kapitolyo

I'm sure he loves to go here because of the bacon slab. It really goes to show as it's apparent in his love for the pork barrel. Anyway, I should be talking about food. Check out my musings on political philosophy and public policy over at HarryLeaks instead.

Poco Deli Bacon Slab and Wagyu Sausages
It was such a delight to find out that this place was open very early in the morning as I was able to indulge in their delicacies before heading to work.

The bacon slab, well, is self-explanatory. It is as delicious as it is allegedly unhealthy. The same goes for the wagyu sausage we ordered. I'm surely going to come back for more as the dishes are perfect pairings for beer and wine and it was too early and I had work so I couldn't really order some drinks.

Insider information tells me that there used to be this really popular deli in Jupiter but then the head chef and owner passed away and so his assistant chef was able to continue the legacy by creating Poco Deli.

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