The Farm Resto — Organic Restaurant in the South

I just ate in an awesome organic restaurant in the south just at the back part of Alabang Hills (in front of Hillsborough and beside Alabang 400). Aside from all their ingredients being homegrown and organic in their very own farm, the recipes are absolutely orgasmic.

Bone Marrow (Php 390) New York Style Regular (Php 495)
Bone marrow is probably one of the most amazing things in this world that's meant to meet the human taste bud. My craving for meat and steak was satisfied by the lovely Carla Ezequiel when she treated me to The Farm, a fairly new restaurant here in the south (new to me at least as I only learned about it from one of my seniors at work who live in the north). Look at the serving of the steak! That's just the regular and not even the large! 

The Farm Resto Menu
Surely worth visiting if you haven't tried it, most especially for people from the south. It's so near. We really need more diversity in food trip choices here in the south. I'm coming back for sure to check out their burgers and other offers. 

I haven't really blogged in a while but I'm thinking of revamping this blog and giving it a more edgy and up-to-date design and update it more frequently. 

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