Tapeo Restaurant in the Fort Strip

Tapeo in the Fort Strip in BGC provide some really awesome wines and tapas. I got a chance to some of the selections in their menu during a Rotary Club talk I attended a few days ago.

Upon checking their menu, I ordered the jamón serrano right away. This dry-cured Spanish ham has such a lovely complex story to tell. You just really have to listen with your taste buds. It's really so rich and savory. It came with grapes some bread and really awesome cheese. It's a really well-balanced and thoughtfully arranged platter. Something that goes well with a lot of the wines they offer. 

It would be a perfect place for you and your friends to wine and dine before going out around the BGC area most especially since they now have an offer of unlimited tapas Monday to Saturday 2 pm to 9pm.

Above are just some of the amazing selection of  tapas I got to try. I don't even know what they are exactly. Goes to show how you don't have to be a fancy wine or cheese connoisseur to appreciate their dishes.

Their place is right across the NBC tent area of The Fort. Check out their Facebook page: Facebook.com/Tapeo.ph or email them at tapeo.manila@gmail.com.

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