McCormick Buffalo Wings Recipe Review

You've surely seen it in the groceries with its appetizing package that comes in different flavors: classic, barbecue, teriyaki, and screamer. So what is my final take on this seasoning mix?

McCormick Buffalo Wings Philippines

I absolutely love buffalo wings. Plus, the wing part of the chicken is also something I have always been very fond of. And so surely I was instantly attracted to the idea of this instant buffalo wings seasoning mix and decided to try it out the other day.

I had just finished downloading a new episode of Conan's new show in TBS and figured watching it would be best while eating delicious deep-fried buffalo wings. Much to my dismay, this would be a disappointment.

deep frying chicken

The serving of the coating and sauce that comes with this package is very little and, in my opinion, insufficient for the 1/2 kilo of chicken wings it claims to cook. This was the very first thing that I noticed about the product and, at this time, I was already starting to be doubtful of the satisfaction I will be able to get.

The sauce that comes with it, sadly, tastes like cheap hot sauce. I don't know if it's just me and having too much expectations but it really wasn't good. It's certainly not even close to other recipes like the buffalo wings in the Brooklyn Pizza Philippines Menu.

I really don't know about the other flavors but there's a chance that the barbecue or teriyaki flavors would be better because the classic flavor was just too plain and unappealing.

But of course, what can we really expect from an instant seasoning mix? My recommendation would be to just learn your own recipe and do it from scratch. That's what I'm planning so watch out for that. :)

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