Raw Fish Recipes

I absolutely love eating raw fish like salmon or tuna and of course my ultimate favorite uni (sea urchin). There's just something so sensual about eating raw fish like with the taste, texture, and the whole experience of it all. Many times, I do believe that we were meant to eat raw fish, as if our taste buds were really meant to savor the lovely flavors of sashimi!

The other night, I decided to buy raw tuna from the grocery. It is about time that I had some fish after days of just having meat in my diet. I was planning to cook this recipe I learned from a friend a long time ago: seared tuna loin with this really good recipe of wine and butter sauce. But then after seeing the Kikoman and the wasabi in the fridge, I figured it is time to go back to basics and just eat the fish raw.

The sashimi, or the idea of eating raw fish, is probably one of the greatest contributions of the Japanese to humanity. And of course their soy sauce and wasabi that just creates this beautiful harmony of tastes with the raw fish.

Salmon has this very distinct, luscious and creamy taste that just invades the entirety of your existence. It literally takes your breath away, as if leaving you dead for a split second then resurrects you with every bite. The same goes for uni.

You see, I love seafood. I grew up in a family who love seafood and I do believe I have inherited that somehow. But most importantly, I have learned to love Japanese cuisine even as a young child. I've always believed that learning to cook Japanese foods is a secret to having a good life. You can even start your own Japanese restaurant and even if you're not that good, it is somehow bound to have higher chances of success.

But yeah, raw fish. I remember eating in this restaurant a bit near my school (it's closed now though). I always ordered this big bowl of assorted raw seafood. I forgot the name but I think my girlfriend has a picture of it somewhere. I'll post it very soon.

Statistically, I noticed that the visitors of my page preferred my written work over my videos (which I found ironic because I've always thought that our generation has a short attention span). Thank you to all those who take time to read my posts. I really appreciate it. Always remember: in order to survive you must eat, but in order to be happy you must eat good food! :D

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