Harry's Chili Parmesan Herbed Cream Dory Recipe

Dory fillet has a very interesting texture that I've always loved. Plus, its flavor isn't really so overpowering which makes it very easy to pair with anything and fun to experiment with.

Of course, my approach would be some sort of deep-fried and breaded dish, being that it was inspired by a fish & chips recipe I saw on Top Chef Masters.

I added the typical seasoning of salt and pepper on the fish and added some lemon juice too. I noticed that many recipes of dory use lemon because I guess it's something that can really bring out its flavor.

For the breading, I really decided to mess around and experiment with it. I really mixed a lot of things with the flour like garlic powder, ginger powder, and basil leaves, and a lot of parmesan cheese. I also added a generous amount of chili powder into the mix being that I was really craving something spicy.

So here's the finished product of my cream dory recipe. It was really just an experimental dish conjured with all the random things I found in our kitchen. It's actually pretty good, I'd say. I do really want to improve on presentation and plating. See you later folks! :D

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