Bourdain Joins Top Chef Season 8

Renowned chef, author, and traveler Anthony Bourdain joins Top Chef season 8 to be a permanent judge.

If you watch Top Chef then you've probably seen Anthony Bourdain as a guest judge a couple of times, more recently in season 7 during the NASA episode where the chefs were tasked to create a dish to send to outerspace for astronauts.

I do enjoy his writing, specifically in his book Medium Raw. It actually felt like I was reading some sort of exciting fiction story especially when he talks about being in the same room as the best chefs in the world. He actually does reference Top Chef many times in the book.

In Medium Raw, I or this blog wold probably be categorized as a wannabe chef or food critique. My palate is untrained and inexperienced. There's so much technique, history, and culture about culinary arts that I just don't know. Moreover, having no formal training in it dulls my credibility.

anthony bourdain philippines
Anthony Bourdain drinking Pale Pilsen and eating Papaitan in Pampanga

Chef Bourdain just inspires me in all aspects: writing, traveling, and of course cooking and eating. His trip to the Philippines for his show No Reservations was even more inspiring. He loved sisig and lechon! It's just that for someone of his stature to appreciate the local cuisine, history, and culture that I most of the time take for granted everyday--it is truly very inspriting.

One very important thing I learned from him would be: always be hungry for more!

I can't wait for Top Chef Season 8. :D

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